12. Mary Magdalene – Textbook Sexism?

I believe that God created men and women differently but they are equal. The evidence of such narratives can be seen when looking at the life of Mary Magdalene in the Bible and even in how she is discussed today by people.


7. Half Grown- The journey to adulthood

You question what it means to be a young person growing up in today's society. Adolescence has become more than physical development but also the formation of identity. This happens through the things you know, understand and view about the world. Like an infant for the first time through your own eyes.        


Knowing your ancestors is very important, learning from the past makes us better, wiser and more responsible. It helps us to acknowledge and consider our actions; it makes us understand our humanity. Ultimately, helping us to create a shared global bond based solely on what it means to be human, as this is something we... Continue Reading →

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