12. Mary Magdalene – Textbook Sexism?

I believe that God created men and women differently but they are equal. The evidence of such narratives can be seen when looking at the life of Mary Magdalene in the Bible and even in how she is discussed today by people.


8. Cultural Christianity

I think of Christianity as a lifestyle, Permeating through every area of my life and influencing my choices and decisions. For me this is about my personal journey and relationship through life with GodMy parents made it very clear to me that this isn't something they were forcing on my siblings and myself. I believe because this was made clear within my household, my siblings and I have always been free to ask questions...


Over the past five years i have developed a critical attitude towards church. Perhaps hate is too strong a word or maybe even inappropriate, nevertheless my understanding of church has definitely shifted over the past five years. Don't get me wrong i am still a Christian and my faith in God has remained in spite... Continue Reading →

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