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I have decided that it is time to get real with GOD with MYSELF and with TIME…

Five years ago around this time was the beginning of such a hard and trying time in my life. I feel I have grown immensely over this period. I can truly say and mean the words if it had not been for the Lord by my side I don’t know where I would be. I have experienced God in ways i could never have imagined, discovering who he is for myself. I guess adolescence for me was more than changing physically or hormonally. This was my metamorphosis. A time for change and growth that would be both difficult and uncomfortable. Just reflecting over the past five years brings tears to my eyes.

I thank God for the people he has used to bless, encourage and give wisdom and advice to me through. For those who have listened and comforted me through the pain and the tears. This experience has taught me the biggest lesson. It’s so simple and yet so deep, it’s simply But God…

If God hadn’t provided, had he not been faithful, a Father, a Comforter, a friend the list goes on and on. Even simply allowing me to take another breath, i know that i would be in a darker place with no hope, future or happiness. I simply may not be here at all.

Last year the hymn ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ took on new meaning the words were so real as i sang them. When i sing it i’m reminded of God’s Faithfulness through the highs and lows, through the awkwardness and the happiness. I can now say with confidence ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ and ‘It is well with my soul’, because my Father in heaven walks with me through this journey called life and will never leave me nor forsake me.

I feel now more than ever empowered to be and become who God has called me to be and to use my time on earth more productively and to become the change i want to see in the world.


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  1. Way to go girl. Praise God you are finding meaning in life for yourself. I am proud of you. I have picked a nugget or two from this blog. God bless you. Thank you for sharing.

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