12. Mary Magdalene – Textbook Sexism?

I believe that God created men and women differently but they are equal. The evidence of such narratives can be seen when looking at the life of Mary Magdalene in the Bible and even in how she is discussed today by people.

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11. Feminism- An African View?

...The origins of feminism from a western perspective have become the overarching narrative, often African women have been left out of the conversation. Or forced to accept western notions of feminism.

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10.This Instalment- Politics here and now

I am an outsider looking in. I am a British-Ghanaian Woman and for this reason, I carry my own biases, however when I consider the political landscape in Britain and the United States I can't help but ponder on the significance of this moment in history...

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9. What Does it Mean to be Mancunian?

I know I'm kind of late leaving this to the last day but January has been a very busy month for me. I've taken the time to complete some university assignments but also to reflect on 2017 and envisage what I want 2018 to be. It's been quite a long month, though I've had the... Continue Reading →

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Today marks a year since I signed up to WordPress and began planning and writing future blog posts.How crazy that I've been blogging for a year! It hasn't been easy but I'm extremely proud of myself, for actually attempting to come out of my shell😂 and for expressing myself more, which doesn't always come easily... Continue Reading →

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8. Cultural Christianity

I think of Christianity as a lifestyle, Permeating through every area of my life and influencing my choices and decisions. For me this is about my personal journey and relationship through life with GodMy parents made it very clear to me that this isn't something they were forcing on my siblings and myself. I believe because this was made clear within my household, my siblings and I have always been free to ask questions...

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7. Half Grown- The journey to adulthood

You question what it means to be a young person growing up in today's society. Adolescence has become more than physical development but also the formation of identity. This happens through the things you know, understand and view about the world. Like an infant for the first time through your own eyes.        

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    Reading people's comments on twitter about whether Johanna Konta should be considered British set me thinking about how I as the daughter of immigrants feel as someone who is torn between two countries. Questioning what it means to be British.  Am I British Ghanaian or am I just British? Well I would say... Continue Reading →

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  Prejudice. Defined as a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. A word with countless applications but a word that touches all of us. We all have natural biases that often times we forget, so it's interesting to me that we can make comments or statements with such certainty (i guess i... Continue Reading →

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Having watched a BBC documentary about the life of Margot Fonteyn I decided to find out more about her life and career.  As I read about her life, I also read about the lives that had intertwined with her own. I read about her husband and the various dance partners she had. I then decided... Continue Reading →

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Over the past five years i have developed a critical attitude towards church. Perhaps hate is too strong a word or maybe even inappropriate, nevertheless my understanding of church has definitely shifted over the past five years. Don't get me wrong i am still a Christian and my faith in God has remained in spite... Continue Reading →

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Knowing your ancestors is very important, learning from the past makes us better, wiser and more responsible. It helps us to acknowledge and consider our actions; it makes us understand our humanity. Ultimately, helping us to create a shared global bond based solely on what it means to be human, as this is something we... Continue Reading →

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13.First Generation

Sometimes society seems to overlook the intricacies and difficulties children of immigrants experience. I don't mean the Channel 4 documentaries or the debates surrounding immigration in the West. I mean the real life day to day thoughts and experiences people like me have. Grappling with culture and identity on a daily basis. Sadly I don't... Continue Reading →


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